More Freshness From Galicia: Bodega Tapias-Mariñán Pazo de Mariñán 2010, Monterrei

Once again straight to the very west of Spain! This time to the relatively unknown, rather new (since 1994) and pretty small DO Monterrei in Galicia on the northern border to Portugal. The wine is a white blend made of the autochthonous varietals Godello (70%), Treixadura (20%) and Albarino (10%). The actual Boutique-Bodega was established by the Blanco Núnez brothers a couple of years ago and produces altogether just 4 wines. All made from autochthonous varietals. Before this venture they gained quite a lot of wine experience in Catalonia.

The Pazo de Mariñán got a very lush bright yellow colour with a minor cast of light green. The very delicate and reserved nose convinced my with fresh scents of green lemon, wild thyme, guava, white flowers and hints of honey and black pepper. Its taste was distinctly dominated by very fresh flavours of green lemon, green apples, melon, guava and even some grass. Besides that I was under the impression to taste hints of whipped cream, honey and some fresh cut bush branches. In short: the Pazo was a delicate, fresh and fruitful wine, maybe almost Central European seeming wine. On the other hand I spotted features I usually might connect with a robust, surely not weak, mentionable concentrated and slightly spicy South European White like for instance a Verdicchio or maybe a Fiano. Whatever, what I am trying to elaborate is: Really damn good summer wine for temperatures over 30 C and for very little money!

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