Langmeil Winery Blacksmith Cabernet Sauvignon, Barossa Valley SA

Today I just make a very quick Pit-Stop with a Cabernet Sauvignon from Barossa Valley and a wine from Pfalz region in Germany made of a relativly scarce varietal. But first things first! Langmeil in Barossa is rather famous for its Shiraz wines. Allegedly they own the oldest Syrah vines (from the mid 18th century) on the planet. Well, whatever today's wine is a Cabernet Sauvignon which was aged in primarily "seasoned (indicated on the back label)" French oak (ratio 20/80) for 24 months.

Typical dark red colour with slight purple reflexes in the core indicated a still rather juvenile Cabernet. The bouquet was dominated by juicy, very ripe and dark cherries, mint, black pepper and hints of tobacco. After a while more ethereal and earthy scents + hints of slight eucalyptus took the stage. The taste was, as expected from a good old Aussie, very smooth, very juicy, a bit fatty, showed decent fruit sweetness – in an adequate way, not superimposed or syrupy – and an invigorated body with not too overpowered muscles. The obvious tastes were very ripe dark cherries (almost a bit cooked), some cassis (not candy-like), a lot of milk chocolate, hints of black pepper and slight fresh eucalyptus. As mentioned before the concentration was very well, the complexity and depth was okay. A little bit more acid wouldn’t have harmed this Cabernet. Still a decent BBQ Cab!

The Saint Laurent "Aufwind" 2009, a varietal I usually know from Austria, not so much from Germany, was produced by Weingut Hensel in Pfalz region. Well, unfortunately it was pretty much disappointing! It showed typical dark forest berry flavours, cassis and some hints of fresh mint. By now everything was fine! Unfortunately it seemed rather acidic, had a burnt nose and taste, flavours of smoked meat and rubber. A very short and flat finish gave me the rest. It seemed pretty much disharmonious. I am used to far better stuff from Hensel. Well, this time my impression of this wine seemed to be rather unpleasant.

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