B.L.K. Cup 2012 (Part 3): Weingut Maier Lemberger trocken 2010, Württemberg

The last B.L.K. today! Unfortunately I couldn’t find an adequate Blanc de Noir Lemberger from Württemberg in Germany. I really intended to be an adventurous guy this time. But the system worked against me. So I decided in favour of a Lemberger I never had so far.

I guess, I limit myself to the pure and unadulterated tasting note. Only this time! You may feel free to worry about this future threat ;-)
Its colour was very transparent, slightly dark red and very juvenile looking. The bouquet seemed very classical for a light, uncomplicated and young B.L.K. I got scents of fresh smoke, green paprika, green pepper, red currant and some hints of lavender. The taste was, as usual, rather austere and butch. Maybe not as acidic as I’ve expected it to be. The acid was present, but not dominant. Besides that I got light flavours of red currant, black pepper and the typical Lemberger spiciness. This wine appeared to be a very honest Lemberger without any evasive manoeuvres. Nothing special though! Category: Summer Wine! Totally easy-going in terms of body and mind. Very reasonable, just 5 Euros!

Well, the B.L.K. Cup 2012 is over and the paramount’ing winner comes from Felix Austria! Of course a totally unfair, biased and disparate competition. It's an unfair world after all ;-)

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