BIG STUFF: Montes Alpha Pinot Noir 2008, Valle de Casablanca

After my last, and very disappointing, Pinot from Chile I decided to have something more “known” and maybe reliable. I guess this time I have to right to feel free to assume that there isn’t any necessity to introduce this winery to us international wine geeks ;-). Let’s cut it short: A BIG and powerful wine, a BIG name with a BIG amount of reputation, in a BIG and heavy bottle, with reasonable pricing and perhaps some BIG butch attitude! Well, I anticipate once more. Let’s have the wine first:

The colour showed a lush ruby red colour with a dark centre and dense viscosity (very dense and seemingly alcoholic). The nose seemed very fleshy, very concentrated, full of strong dark cherry scents, jam’y’ish cranberries, black hummus soil, strongly rotting foliage, sophisticated dark smoke, loads of spices, including our well known Chilean friend eucalyptus, some red chilli and strong mineral attributes. Its taste appeared to me as very ardent, spicy, and full of strength as well as Latin American passion. I got flavours of very refined and slightly severe dark cherries, a lot of autumnal forest ground and stern attitude, some yellow boletuses, various spices like red chilli, eucalyptus and and later quite a bit of dark choco. After approx. 3 hours (in the bottle) it showed its full bodied splendour. I might say a very concentrated, not that simple minded Pinot ;-), which was full of well adjusted fruit sweetness (no superimposed sugar’rama like my last Chilean Pinot). It got a hell of a lot of power combined with a decent whiff of elegance. The finish was very multifaceted and pretty pretty pretty … pretty long! But, now one (maybe BIG) problem! There was simply too much alcohol present. The indicated 14% alc did not really fit into the overall and very impressive picture! After 3 to 4 hours it alleviated a bit, but still …!

With a little bit less alcohol this would have been a really damn good Pinot Noir with a lot of typical Chilean attitude. Anyway, still something recommendable for lovers of butch Pinots. VERY good QPR without a doubt!

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