Rully Tastealike? Te Kairanga Runholder Pinot Noir 2005, Martinborough

Today I got a little evaluative re-tasting going on. The first time I mentioned this one was HERE. Approximately 7 months ago. The basic structure of this rather old world’ish Pinot from Martinborough remained more or less the same. This time it appeared to me a bit more aged. How astonishing!!! Yeah, right! Well, maybe a bit more aged (than expected) concerning its colour. This time it appeared to me far more red-brown and very murky.

At first its nose had plenty of sweaty animals, wet hay, crudités, matches, pepper, loads of raspberries (maybe sherbet-style once again), hints of cucumber water and medium oak influences. Some dark canned cherries and hints of autumnal scents developed after some hours. Its taste seemed to be rather similar as well. I got plenty of farm-animal-peasant-hay-flavours, some raspberries and with the passing of time more dark cherries. A very classical Bourguignon Pinot Style, you may feel free to hate me for this stupid expression ;-), without tons of sweet fruits and a profound mineral backbone. As I called it in my last post: very much Rully-Like-Style. A not too complex, very earthy-mineral’ish Pinot with a fairly strong body, still some gripping tannin and refreshingly little alcohol (12, 5%)!
Compared to last time probably more an arrested development situation, but still very enjoyable, lively and fairly impressive. Therefore no change, still

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