A Chinese Blue Nun: Greatwall Winery Chinese White Wine Dry

A Chinese Classic! No need for further elaboration!

The colour was startling bright yellow. Close to pure transparentcy or even white! Its nose appeared to be very watery. Besides that I smelled scents of artificial seeming weak lemons, hints of green pepper, fresh and crisp toothpaste, rehymanating detergents and fresh cut twigs. In summary: A rather weak impression with a lot of hygienical attributes. I am not sure if “white wine dry” is a suitable description for this one. For me it appeared to be pretty close to off-dry. It somehow tasted like a white blend made of Muller-Thurgau and thin and watery Pinot Blanc. I got broad and  not really sophisticated flavours of petroleum, hints of lemon, grapefruit, slurry and some greenish stuff. The taste was better than the rest. I was very thankful for the substantially diminished detergent flavours, which were very present in my nose and not so much in my mouth.
In conclusion: BORING!!!

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