Together vs. the Crisis: Ktima Vourvoukeli Avdiros White 2010, Avdira Thrace and a hand from the Pfalz

Due to the frustrating situation and the coming crucial week I decided to have a Greek-German-White-Wine-Tasting. In keeping with the motto: Together with wine versus the crises!

Ktima Vourvoukeli Avdiros White 2010, Avdira Thrace

The Avdiros White is a blend of 50 % Roditis, an autochthons varietal from the north of Greece, and 50 % Chardonnay. Roditis is rather well known for taking its part in Retsina wines. Don’t worry, this wine had nothing to do with Retsina.
Its colour was very bright pale, clear and without any particles. The nose showed very mild and restrained features of apricot, lime, jasmine, white flowers and some spicy green Mediterranean herbs. Maybe some creaminess, too. The taste was very fresh and almost a bit acidic. Definitely a typical feature of Roditis wines. Slight warm creamy flavours from Chardonnay weren’t deniable either. I got flavours of kiwi, lemon, green pepper, hints of vanilla, maybe watermelon, mangosteen and freshly cut green herbs. The structure of this blend was very delicate, maybe sensitive, and invigorating. The body could have been a bit more dense and subtle, but whatever! Fine stuff for the summer! Good seafood companion, I’d guess.

Weingut Bergdolt - St. Lamprecht Weissburgunder Lössriedel Spätlese trocken 2009, Pfalz

A mid-range Pinot Blanc from one of my most favourite Pinot Blanc producers in the whole wide world. Grown on loess layers and aged in steel, this wines showed pure Pinot Blanc fruitiness. Its colour was very bright as well and showed not particles. The nose seemed very fruitful. I got exotic scents of mangos, mandarins, some papaya, pear and a butt load of green herbs. The fragrances were pretty subtle and very clear. The taste was overwhelmingly fresh and fruitful for such a mid-range wine. Again flavours of mango, lemon, green papaya and some herbs were usurping my palate. The density and concentration was very fine, by the way the Weissburgunder GG’s density was - some weeks ago - absolutely overwhelming … , but now back to the Lössriedel …, showed a good mineral undertone, depth and impressive strength paired with a certain amount of leanness. The length appeared to be fine. Very convincing wine! On the second day the tendency to bitterness was a bit too strong and the cork, whilst opening the bottle, was a total disaster. Use a cap for the next vintage, please!

Well for the conclusion of this tasting I feel free to use the words of Homer J. Simpson:

To Alcohol! The cause of... and solution to... all of life's problems”

For this time the … solution to … would be absolutely wonderful! ;-)

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