La Slovénie .......huit points: Kupljen Modri Burgundec 2007 Selection, Jeruzalem-Svetinje

My first Pinot from Slovenia! Grown on the fair slopes of the Jeruzalem Hill in Stajerska and aged for 16 months in 600 l barrels, this Pinot impressed me with its simplicity and buoyancy.

The colour was extraordinarily transparent and light. The nose showed gentle, light and fruitful fragrances of strawberries, some raspberries, hints of pepper and a bit later scents of old style filter coffee as well as a few hints of cream cheese (!?). Overall a rather lean and slightly perfumed impression! The taste appeared to be rather similar. It was light, lean, not all too complex, but very well balanced and gently fruitful. The aromas were dominated by mouth filling strawberries, minor hints of light-red-berry-marmalade (but in an absolutely acceptable way), here and there impressions of smoke, very slight hints of oak (negligible) from the 16 months in large oak barrels and after a couple of hours some mixed forest-berry-yogurt impressions. I am thankful not to experience those already mentioned cheese condiments I sensed with the nose ;-). The overall style of this Pinot was rather warm and at the same time very lean and fruity. For me a bit unusual combination, I might add. But a very good one! This way Pinot can provide plenty of fun and a bit of demand at the same time. The only dangerous fact was – the bottle did empty itself shockingly fast ;-)


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