Dryness on Madeira: Octavio A. Ferraz Palmeira e Voltas, Madeira

YES it is possible! There is dry wine from Madeira. Very enjoyable wine. Not that overpowered,  fortified or whatsoever stuff everybody knows. OK, I don't like classical Madeira. Maybe for cooking, but not for drinking. But that is my personal problem and shouldn't have any effect on this post ;-).
I had this wine last summer. I carefully have chosen this one as my first Portuguese wine after the resurrection of this blog. Why? It is because, beside my dearly beloved varietal Pinot Noir, I am simply obsessed with wines from Portugal. Mainly red stuff, but today it shalt be a white beauty.
This blend was created by three varietals: Verdelho, Bual and Arnsburger Blend (never ever heard about that!) and was maturate in French and American oak for 6 months. Apparently this producer wants to reinvent wine from Madeira. Besides these varietals he planted Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and some other mainland grapes. Normally, a questionable approach I would not like to support too much, but in case of Madeira not the worst of all ideas. Sorry, as I already mentioned my personal problem. Whatever!
The colour of this blend was surprisingly bright, although it was aged in oak. In my nose I got very well balanced fragrances of aged lemon, kiwi, pineapple, assorted herbs and exemplary integrated oak. This rather exotic impression continued in my mouth. Somehow it reminded me a bit of a bit leaner Pinot Blanc from Baden in Germany. A very gentle acid proportion. Not weak at all. The well trained and slim body contributed to the convincing impression. It wasn't buttery or anything like that at all. I got oaky flavours, but they were banished into the background. A very nice surprise! Once more a good example for a very enjoyable and lively Whitey from almost Africa.

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