Dark blue juice from a holiday resort: Quinta dos Vales Marquês dos Vales Selecta 2007, Algarve

The reception of my first Portuguese was so overwhelming. That is why I simply had to decide to have another one right afterwards.

Today’s wine comes from Algarve. A region in the South of Portugal which isn’t that famous for its vinho. More for beach holidays and equestrian activities. As a matter effect the Quinta dos Vales is a holiday resort and open air art gallery which produces a bit of wine (, too). The Selecta is the basic red quality of the winery. Is a mixture between the classical varietals of Castelão, Aragonês and the Frenchies Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. A trend very well known from other aspiring wine regions like Alentejo or Alentejano. Personally I am not so sure what to think about this trend. Let’s put it in a more infantile way: Why is there a need for new varietals in Portugal? They already have so many varietals like no other country in the world! Nobody can comprehend these ones! Why getting even more? Well the world is getting more and more complicated and differentiated. In every aspect of life. Even in the more important ones. What can you do!?!

Back to the Selecta. The colour was dark blue-red. It showed a very faint hue and had a lot of particles. Beware, the depot will be enormous. The fragrances I spotedt were clearly dominated by blueberries. Besides that I got dried hay, dark leather, some nougat and beach sand on a hot summer day. Maybe Algarve sand!?! I am not sure about the specific bay where it might be from. The taste was full of blueberries, plums, Indian rubber and some soilent green ;-). It was a more simple wine! Its acid was okay, the body was fit but luckily not ruined by overpowered alcohol doping. I sensed a rather board, a bit rigid, rude and down-to-earth style. The length was medium and the finish appeared to be a bit bitter and ended abruptly. Not a revelation of new quality horizons, but I would not expect that from a wine for very well below 10 Euros. It might be something, perhaps a bit butch, for everyday consumption.

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