Sometimes there just a bit too much of the good old alc: Pegasus Bay Main Divide Pinot Noir 2006, Canterbury

Pegasus Bay is located in Waipara Valley in Canterbury Province near Christchurch. This rather large family owned wine producer was established in the early 1970s. Which is rather ancient for a winery in NZ. It might be fair to say that Pegasus is the most famous and by far most influential producer of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines in Canterbury province. The rest I leave up to you ...
The Main Divide line of the winery is the entry level to a rather large assortment of wines and wine styles. This one appeared to be a bit colder and a bit acidic Pinot. Prior to blending and bottling it was aged in French barrels for 18 months. My first impression were strong aromas of dark cherries, mulberries and hints of violets as well as plums. Assorted forest berries and slight undergrowth, too. Decent oak. So far - pretty nice. The problem of this Pinot was overpowered alcohol. Far too much of it (14,5%). It wasn't a well adjusted background player. It got the leading role. Unfortunately a rather common problem of Pinots from New Zealand. Sometimes it works. This time - not really!

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