Riesling from Israel? There you go: Golan Heights Winery Gamla White Riesling Kosher 2008, Golan Heights

Israeli Riesling! Wow! Humongous surprise for me! Not just the fact that there is a relatively large Riesling cultivation. I am by far more surprised that this is working out very well. The Gamla White Riesling Kosher was produced by the Golan Heights Winery. Probably the most famous winery in Israel. Especially the Yarden Line has a renowned reputation for high quality wines. But mostly for the production of  classical French varietals wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Red Blends or Chardonnay.
This Riesling from the Gamla Line, well known for more accessible stuff, is mend to be off-dry. It was grown on two different vineyards in the North of Golan in the Galil appellation. It got 13% alc and was aged in stainless steel. In my glass I can spot strikingly golden colour reflexes. Apparently rather dark ones for a younger Riesling. Fragrances of petrol, dried apricot, lemons, honey, a hint of nail polish remover and some shoeshine were my first impression. Later the petrol and the nail polish remover faded away.  Its taste was off-dry. For sure! But in a combination with a very gentle acid proportion. Hence the wine showed a very nice balance. Its length might be described as medium and the mineral aspect seemed to be a bit weak, but still sufficiently pleasing. I got flavours of lemons, some apricots, mandarins, maybe some more exotic components, plenty of honey and a certain amount of herbs. Its structure was very pleasing! It wasn’t flat or weak at all. It showed crisp and fresh aromas, but might have not the enormous complexity like so many off-dry Rieslings from Europe. Whatever, it was a good and enjoyable AND most of all a very surprising wine. Experiment successful! QPR seems fine.

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