Pinot from the First Lady of NZ Wine: Pinot Noir 2008, Hunter's Winery, Marlborough

Well, today - actually the day before yesterday - (first snowy day this winter) we have a Kiwi classic together. A Pinot Noir from “New Churchill Land” - Marlborough. A wine produced by a wine pioneer, a female wine pioneer, Jane Hunter OBE. Due to tragic events Jane had to take over the management of the winery in the late 1980s. Throughout the past 30 years the Hunter’s winery was a key factor for the establishment of quality wine making in Marlborough and all of New Zealand.

Today’s wine was different to other Pinots from NZ we had so far. Its colour was pretty bright and slightly faint. In the nose very pure strawberry, some raspberry and a hint of blueberry scents come to effect. Perhaps some cellulose, cleansing liquid and baby excrements impressions at first, too. I got a feeling of a more cold style Pinot. Not so much stereo-typical New World Pinot. Same for its taste. Rather cold, semi bodied, slight acidic and predominantly bright red fruits (same fruits as mentioned + rosehip). The alc. was fine. JUST 13,5%. Which is not a lot for New Zealand. The length wasn’t that bad. The balance might have been the advantage of this wine. Sure, it might have been a bit light, but the proportion was very satisfying.
I really don’t have too many problems with this Pinot. The only situation with this one might have been its slickness or over-smoothness. There wasn’t a lot of unique character. It could have been from everywhere. Ahh, maybe not. I dunno. In a blind tasting I’d bet the origin might have been in the South of Baden in Germany or a bit faceless semi-bodied Pinot from Alto-Adige. Whatever! It was a fine'ish and very well produced wine. No disappointment, no enthusiasm or excitement!

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