A glorious basterd from Down Under: Yarra Burn Bastard Hill Pinot Noir 2003 Yarra Valley Victoria

What a beautiful bastard!?!!! Brought from the Holy Halls of Harrods some years ago I had absolutely no excessive expectations. Neglected under the staircase of the Harrods wine vault I just had to grab for some Aussie Pinots. The Yarra Yearing Pinot was great but extremely mighty and slightly violent. This bastard however was a "real" Pinot for half the price. Probably due to the questionable reputation of the Yarra Burn Winery!?! I mean the price! Anyway, Bastard Hill Pinots and Chardonnays, which are the flagships of Yarra Burn, aren’t produced every year. The 2003 and 2006 are the most recent from the Bastard Hill vineyard. I assume! ...? Whatever! Good decision to grab for this! It was a pretty massivly amazing Pinot, I guess. I was surprised how sophisticated and well balanced it was. Normally 14 % alcohol in a Pinot can be highly problematic. This one however did not show any indications of unbalanced alcohol aromas or overpowered fruitiness. It had mild and fresh fruit flavours (mainly raspberry and young cherries) and a nice influence by well proportionated oak aromas. A good body structure and a super fine finish as well. Overall a very gentle and silky Pinot without the well known perils of New World Pinots! All right, All right my last sentence makes me to a generalising bastard ;-). Maybe the best Australian Pinot I ever had the privilege to taste. Was the last bottle. :-(.

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