A little beauty from Willamette: Domaine Drouhin Pinot Noir 2004 + some visiting friends

Today I got a New (partly Old) World, Old World Pinot Mash Up for you guys. Enjoy it ;-)

Domaine Drouhin Pinot Noir 2004, Willamette Valley
Well OK! I know this Pinot from Oregon isn’t all too extraordinary or somehow exotic. Anyway, I just wanna mention this one on my blog, because it was simple amazing. I had this one together with two other Pinots from Switzerland. Before I tried the reds I had two Rieslings and one Chardonnay in advance. At the end I’d like to mention the others as well. But for now back to Willamette Valley:

The colour of the Drouhin Pinot appeared to me as rather dark and a bit faint. The smell was simply fantastic. I got spring blossoms, some spice, maybe at first some pickled cucumber and a butt load of cherries and raspberries. A wonderfully elegant and muscular Pinot scent! It metaphorically jumped into my face and took a bite of my nose. Its taste was bewitching. I got lean, but forceful, flavours of raspberries, dark cherries, rose hip, mildly roasted almonds, a hint of cola, ethereal spice, some flowers and slight and gentle kisses of oak. It appeared to be a very gentle and sophisticated Pinot without a certain amount of strength and definitely not without pure elegance. Very well proportionated acid and mineral components weren’t missing either. Its fruitful sweetness had a precise and dry character. The higher alcohol (14%) did not make any trouble. The best of all: the length.  It went on for ages. Great experience! I guess now is a very good time for consumption.

Weingut Scadenagut Wegelin Malenser Pinot Noir 2007, Bündner Herrschaft

Rather faint colour. At first my nose got earthy and smoky scents. A bit like from strongly smoked ham. Later aromas of cherries took the lead. The taste was very much the same. After a while the Wegelin Pinot showed very nice cherries flavours combined with some hearty, maybe even spicey, herbal flavours. Nothing to complain about. The slightly extravagant fruit sweetness or the acid proportion were just fine, but not more. Not a great Pinot, but very contenting quality. Nice wine!

Weingut Davaz Pinot Noir Fläsch 2008, Bündner Herrschaft

Very clear and fresh ruby red colour. At first the nose seemed pretty smokey, a bit earthy and slightly harsh. After some hours an extraordinary nose and taste of lime and hints of lemon evolved. Very astounding for a Pinot Noir. I assume! Very good structure and fine acid proportion. Medium length. More a cold and fresh style Pinot Noir! I could imagine this as a very dangerous wine for a blind tasting with tinted glasses. Chardonnay? Pinot? Something else?

There was some white stuff up front:

Weingut Fendel Riesling vom Klosterlay Kabinett trocken 2009, Rheingau
A bit crude, a bit harsh and very racy Riesling. On the first day not very enjoyable! It had very strong and unbalanced flavours of fennel and anis. On the second day the fennel remained, but in a more civilized way. Some lemon flavours appeared as well. A probably decent, but rather simple Kabinett Riesling. Still too young. 

Ökonomierat Rebholz Riesling vom Rotliegenden Spätlese trocken 2005, Pfalz

Very watery and thin. Almost no nose. Taste was disapointing as well. Apparantly rather old. Although hard to believe! I guess something must have been wrong with the bottle. No obvious faults or flaws.

Domaine Lamy-Pillot Chassange-Montrachet Pot Bois 2005, Chassange-Montrachet

Very fine and sturdy nose. Multi-layered fragrances of vanilla and lemon. Some gentle herbs, too. Very much the same with my first impression of the taste. Very well integrated oak flavours, beautiful lemon and very nice acid. A lean, mineral and fresh character. Not all too fat. At its finish it got a bit hard and impetuous. Green and harsh earthy aromas took the lead. Rahter unusual. The only (but for me important) negativ impression I go from this Chardonnay.

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