Indigenous grape variety red blend from Turkey: Kavaklidere Selection 2003

This red blend made of the Turkish varietals Öküzgözü and Bogazkere comes from South East Turkey. It was rather bright in colour and showed some brown dicolourations on the rim. The fragrance was dominated by pepper, hay, slight oak and aged cherries. Its taste showed clear aromas of raisins, pepper, old hay, well matured cherries and a bit of marzipan!?! There wasn't too much fruitness left in this already well aged wine. The strong acid and the still remaining tannins were a little bit too strong for my taste. Its style wasn't over concentrated or did not have the usual character of a wine from such a southern region. It was more like a nice mid bodied wine which might be suitable for summertime consumption. I guess it should be finished off this or next year at the very latest.

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